11 Best Chinese Dirt Bikes | Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It? | Best China Products (2024)

Chinese dirt bikes have surged in popularity in recent years, offering budget-friendly options for beginners and experienced riders alike.

But with a plethora of Chinese manufacturers available the question about quality arises, “Is a Chinese dirt bike the right choice for you?”

This article will equip you with all the essential information to pick the right Chinese dirt bike.

We’ll explore the top contenders, shed light on the pros and cons of going Chinese, and ultimately help you decide if a Chinese dirt bike is the perfect fit for your off-road adventures.

Best Chinese Dirt Bikes
TAO DB10 Dirt Bike
TAO DB14 Dirt Bike
Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike
Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc Pit Bike Small Motorbike Semi-Automatic
Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike
X-Pro Hawk 250CC Dirt Bike
SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike
X-PRO 200cc Lifan X-pect Adult Dirt Bike
X-PRO Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike
Apollo New 110cc Youth DB34

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What is the best Chinese Dirt bike brand?

The Apollo is the best Chinese dirt bike brand, both the Apollo DB-X18 and the Apollo Youth are excellent machines. The brand maintains its style of making bikes with high power and braking which is perfect for me.

#1 TAO Dirt Bike DB10

11 Best Chinese Dirt Bikes | Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It? | Best China Products (1)

Surprise your kids this summer with the TAO DB10 Dirt Bike! Everything about this bike screams out to buy me as TAO TAO has benchmarked themselves for their worth the money dirt bikes and this is one such bike with the optional broken system this bike was made for quick stops and easy turns.

Key Features

Kids these days are quick to the throttle which won’t be an issue here as the bike comes with a hydraulic braking system to make sure they stop with ease.


  • Engine Type: 110CC,Air-cooled, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, Automatic with electric start
  • Fuel Capacity: 1 Gal (4 L) Tire Front: 2.75 – 10, Tire Rear: 2.75 – 10
  • Front Brake: Hydraulic Disc – Hand Braker / Rear Brake: Drum – Foot Braker

#2 TAO Dirt Bike DB14

11 Best Chinese Dirt Bikes | Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It? | Best China Products (2)

Hitting the track for the first time? This is the perfect dirt bike to set you off on the right track. The TAO DB14 comes with a 110cc engine which provides an excellent level of control and acceleration with a considerable top speed of 40 mph. The front and rear are fitted with high-performance hydraulic brakes that provide a sufficient amount of stopping power to help navigate through those sharp turns with precision. The TAO is an excellent choice for the racetrack or a weekend away in the outdoor its ready for it all.

Key Features

The front and rear of the bike are fitted with high-performance hydraulic brakes, clubbed with the 110cc engine the bike proves to move exceptional well around corners and provide enough acceleration while getting out of the turn.


  • 110cc Dirt Bike, Single Cylinder,4-Stroke Engine Type
  • Automatic Transmission, Front/Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Front/Rear 14″/12” Wheels, Seat Height 28″
  • Max Speed 40 mph May vary depending on road condition
  • Length:63inches, Width:28inches, Height:41inches, Net Weight:125lbs

#3 Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

11 Best Chinese Dirt Bikes | Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It? | Best China Products (3)

The Apollo DB-X18 Dirt Bike is one of the best when it comes to power to braking ratio. This gorgeous looking dirt bike is powered by a 4 stroke engine using one cylinder that performs exceptionally well on the track can go up to a speed of 50 mph. The frame is built to tackle most terrain with excellent balance and support.

Key Features

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The Apollo DB-X18 comes with a 125cc engine which is one of the most powerful engines in its to series, the overheating issue in the previous model has been taken care of with an air-cooled cooling system that keeps the engine at a normal temperature.It’s the best Chinese dirt bike with 125CC capacity.


  • Engine Type 4 Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled
  • Displacement 125cc
  • Max Speed 44.26MPH
  • Manual Clutch – 4 speed

#4 Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc Pit Bike Small Motorbike Semi-Automatic

11 Best Chinese Dirt Bikes | Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It? | Best China Products (4)

The Coolster kids gas mini dirt bike is the perfect dirt bike for children age 7-10 wanting to get into the sport. The 70cc engine is quite powerful with a semi-automatic gearbox that consists of 4 gears. The frame can take weight up to 130 pounds and perform efficiently without holding back. It comes with a sports gas tank of 1-gallon.

Key Features

The semi-automatic gearbox transmission on this bike makes it easy for kids to use and maneuver when compared to a manual.


  • Gas-powered,
  • Semi-automatic 4 gears
  • Kick start, foot brake
  • CRF50 Style Plastic Body
  • 5.44HP, 30MPH
  • Load capacity of 130 lbs

#5 Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

11 Best Chinese Dirt Bikes | Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It? | Best China Products (5)

The SX500 is as the name says a rocket in Razor Electric bike series, The power on this bike comes from the 500-watt motor. This bike has been inspired by one of the best motocross riders Jeremy Mcgrath. The bike can go up to 15 mph for about 40 mins of continuous use perfect for age 14 and above.

Key Features

The SX500 Mcgrath comes with authentic Mcgrath graphics and fairing design on a sturdy dirt bike frame that makes it stand out from the entire lot.


  • 36V (three 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system
  • 15 mph with 40 minutes of continuous use.
  • Twist-grip throttle for excellent precision
  • Dual suspension and riser handlebars
  • Large pneumatic knobby tires
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Hand operated dual disc brakes

#6 X-Pro Hawk 250CC Dirt Bike

11 Best Chinese Dirt Bikes | Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It? | Best China Products (6)

The X-pro is one of the most powerful Chinese dirt bikes with a 250 CC engine, 5-speed manual transmission, and comes along with a stylish high-performance exhaust pipe to enhance both performance and torque. It has a motocross styled seat which allows maximum rider movement for better balance and control on the dirt track.It’s probably the best Chinese 250CC dirt bike.

Key Features

The X-Pro Hawk 250 comes with an additional high-performance exhaust pipe to improve both performance and style.


  • High-performance exhaust pipe
  • Front 80/100-21 and Rear 110/100-18 Fat Tire
  • The motocross-style seat is relatively low and comfortable
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Wide and Comfort Foot Pegs
  • Engine: 229cc,4-Stroke
  • Cooling System: Air Cooled

#7 SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike

11 Best Chinese Dirt Bikes | Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It? | Best China Products (7)

The SYX MOTO mini dirt bike comes with a 49cc petrol engine that provides quick acceleration with front and rear disc brakes for ample braking power, giving you maximum control over the dirt bike. Thou the bike might look small it is perfect for off-roading and dirt tracks and holds its own against other dirt bikes in its league.

Key Features

The SYX Moto Dirt bike comes with a 2-stroke 49 cc engine giving it an upper hand against most 50cc bikes. One of the unique features includes a speed limiter that limits speed from 30 mph to 15 mph.


  • Great size for beginner
  • 49cc 2-stroke Engine
  • Max Speed 24.9 mph
  • Maximum weight capcity160 lbs
  • Product size is 50inch x 22inch x 33.5inch

#8 X-PRO 200cc Lifan X-pect Adult Dirt Bike

11 Best Chinese Dirt Bikes | Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It? | Best China Products (8)

The X-Pro 200cc Lifan x-pact is an amazing dirt bike with a 200cc EFI engine that helps it perform with great efficiency under any weather or terrain. The front and rear brakes are fitted with drum brakes that provide decent stopping power. It comes with an LCD digital display and a LED daytime headlight perfect for long-distance off-road travel.

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Key Features

The 200cc EFI Engine is one of the most fuel-efficient engines in the market, The ECU sends a variety of information from sensors throughout the engine so that it can continually run at an optimal level.


  • Engine – 200cc, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder
  • Cooling system – Air cooled
  • Transmission – 5-speed manual clutch
  • Ignition Type – EFI
  • Fuel Tank – 2.6 gal

# 9 X-PRO Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike

11 Best Chinese Dirt Bikes | Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It? | Best China Products (9)

The X-Pro Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike is the leader in the 50cc series it comes with a high torque 2-stroke 50cc air-cooled engine that can go up to 25 mph. The bike is fitted with a high-performance exhaust for optimal acceleration and top speed combined with front and rear cross-drilled rotors for excellent braking power to make sure you have absolute control.

Key Features

Automatic Transmission in the bike makes it very easy to handle the acceleration for kids, as the need to change gears is not required.


  • Engine: 50cc, 2-Stroke
  • Cylinder Arrangement: Single
  • Cooling System: Air Cooled
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Start System: Pull start
  • Max Power: 2.31Kw
  • Max Torque[N.m/r/m]:3.01N.m/6078r/min
  • Max Speed (MPH):25+

#10 Apollo New 110cc Youth DB34

11 Best Chinese Dirt Bikes | Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It? | Best China Products (10)

The Apollo DB34 is the last dirt bike on our list but definitely not to be taken lightly, this powerful beast has a 110cc engine with a semi-automatic transmission and a horsepower of 6.9. The Apollo New Youth DB34 110cc bike is the right choice if you are thinking of upgrading from your 50cc.

Key Features

The power to brake ratio is what makes this dirt bike stand out from the rest, with a 110cc engine combined with its braking power you can really push this to its limits.


  • Engine – 110cc 4 stroke
  • Transmission – Semi-Auto
  • B.H.P – 6.9 Horsepower
  • Brakes – Hydraulic front and rear
  • Top Speed – 44.26 MPH

#11 TSE 250 R

11 Best Chinese Dirt Bikes | Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It? | Best China Products (11)

You can’t talk about Chinese Dirt Bikes without talking about the TSE 250 R. Considered China’s bike answer to the world. In terms of affordability and performance, this is arguably the best 2-stroke in its class.

These are somethings that people will really like, such as the 6-Speed transmission. It also has a electronic start that’s situated in the bottom of the bike.

The tank capacity is about 2.5 Gallons. The wheels are made of lightweight aluminum. The 250cc engine is sure to give the power you need.

Is Buying a Chinese Dirt Bike Worth It?

For years, Chinese suppliers have been the backbone of the off-road motorcycle market, offering everything from protective gear to fuel tanks.

Now, they’re stepping into the dirt bike production arena. But don’t expect them to challenge the dominance of Japanese and European manufacturers head-on. Instead, they’re carving their niche with competitively priced options in the 50cc, 100-150cc, and even 250cc segments.

You might notice that some of these off-roaders bear a striking resemblance to Yamaha, Honda, or Suzuki motorcycles, but don’t dismiss them as mere copies.

The build quality is surprisingly impressive. While Japanese and European brands like Yamaha, Honda, KTM, and Husqvarna come with hefty price tags, Chinese makers offer similar models at a fraction of the cost.

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For example, while a 250cc Honda or KTM might set you back around US$8,000, China’s SSR Motorsport SR250S could be yours for just US$3,899. If you’re an amateur rider eyeing a 50-150cc machine, China has you covered with prices starting as low as US$500.

Most Chinese manufacturers prioritize quality, though their bikes haven’t quite matched the power and handling of established brands.

However, continuous improvements suggest they’re inching closer to the big leagues. Parts availability might be a concern due to the underdeveloped supply chain infrastructure, but manufacturers are stepping up to ensure quick turn-around times for your needs.

In my opinion, Chinese motocross manufacturers are a solid choice for enthusiasts, hobbyists, or newcomers to the sport. While these bikes may not be ready for the race track just yet, the industry is gearing up to enhance their performance in the near future.

They’re also a great option for parents introducing their kids to off-roading. With off-road exploration gaining popularity, Chinese bikes offer an ideal entry point.

How to Choose a Chinese Dirt Bike?

Looking to save some cash while still hitting the trails? Chinese dirt bikes might be your ticket to off-road adventure without breaking the bank. Here’s how to pick the perfect one for you:

  • Consider Your Budget: Chinese dirt bikes typically come with a much lower price tag compared to Japanese or European counterparts. You could save thousands of dollars by opting for a Chinese model. Take a look at popular brands within your budget range to find the best deal. For example, compare prices between TAO’s DB10 and DB14 with Apollo’s DB34 to see which fits your wallet better.
  • Assess Your Experience and Skill Level: Your riding experience and skill level will dictate the type of bike that’s right for you. Beginners and kids may benefit from starting with a smaller engine like a 50cc to avoid overwhelming power. Suspension options vary from rigid for learners to soft for experienced riders. Liquid cooling systems are great for high-performance engines, while air-cooled engines offer lighter weight and easier control, ideal for those still getting the hang of things.
  • Decide on Engine Type: Chinese dirt bikes come with both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine options. 4-stroke engines offer smoother power delivery and are suitable for riders not focused on top speed or racing. Consider your riding preferences and whether speed is a priority when choosing between engine types.
  • Plan for Maintenance: Off-road riding can be tough on bikes, so maintenance is key. Research compatible parts and maintenance requirements for your chosen Chinese brand. Most bikes share similar parts and are highly customizable, but it’s wise to check with manufacturers and local garages to ensure you have access to the spares and support you need.
  • Determine Your Riding Purpose: Think about how you’ll use your dirt bike. While Chinese brands may not yet be race-ready against foreign competitors, they offer durable options for trail riding and exploration. Look for models with larger fuel capacities and robust build quality if you plan to tackle off-road trails rather than racing circuits.

Best Chinese Dirt Bikes FAQs

How do I identify a Chinese Dirt Bike?

The first thing you’d notice that there are no recognizable make or manufacturer emblems on the frame. If the emblem can’t be identified the dirt bike is most probably Chinese.

Are Chinese dirt bikes worth it?

Chinese dirt bikes are one of the most competitive in the dirt bike space. They are known for their raw power, durability and are very affordable compared to the Yamaha and Kawasaki dirt bikes. The TAO Dirt Bike remains the most popular Chinese Dirt bike.

Are these Chinese dirt bikes for Adults?

Except the ones dedicated to the kids and the ones lesser than 80cc. Most of the 150cc and above are Chinese dirt bikes meant for adults.

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