17 Clever Guys Dorm Room Ideas You Can Easily Recreate (2024)


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17 Clever Guys Dorm Room Ideas You Can Easily Recreate (1)

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Guys: Featuring Original Setups Designed by Real College Guys

17 Clever Guys Dorm Room Ideas You Can Easily Recreate (2)

From posters to throw pillows, to neon lights and wall art, delightful dorm room furnishings aren’t an interest exclusive to college girls. Guys in college can appreciate stylish, comfortable living quarters just as much as their female counterparts (if not more). And in fact, college guys are often proponents of emerging design trends with their own particular tastes.

Here are 17 awesome guys dorm room ideas that will help you transform your cinder-block cell into a space you actually enjoy spending time in.

Best Dorm Room Ideas for Guys

1. Use Records as Wall Decor

If vinyl is jam, don’t keep your collection hidden away. Invest in some floating display shelves and break out your records to create an artsy wall display like the one pictured above from quinnybrogs. Choosing a comforter duvet with similar hues and colors as the record covers makes for an especially nice touch.

2. Chill Bohemian Style

This setup from r/malelivingspace is giving us major dorm room decor envy. Between the Southwest pattern blanket, framed Los Angeles map print, and easy on the eyes lighting, this is one of the best looking guys dorms we’ve seen. It’s nonchalant and comfortable, a sort of blend between hippie and country. Overall an incredibly rad look.

3. Vintage Aesthetics

Ahhh, orange-nized bliss. Leaning into your interests, whether they be European cars or science fiction films, is a great way to add a uniquely manly feel to your room.

This uni dorm from Nico-And-The-Niners doesn’t shy away from bold orange pieces, which give it a retro feel we love – not to mention a clever allusion to Marty McFly’s iconic vest. The 80’s movie posters and retro tech decorations work together wonderfully, nailing the whole blast-from-the past vibes.

4. Cozy Blue Sanctuary

Decorated with plants and a picturesque mountain scene tapestry, this college living space from Blayzer0017 brings the great outdoors indoors. The blue color scheme and matching monitor background ties the overall calming atmosphere together.

Not to mention the vertical line all the way up to the ceiling adds depth and makes the room feel a bit bigger.

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5. Movie Poster Minimalist

This college dorm from evolvie combines two timeless classics – movie posters and minimalism. It’s a great example of how it doesn’t take much to elevate your space from blah to oo la la, a few personal touches can be all it takes. The bold color of the posters create a nice contrast with the otherwise plain walls.

6. Rock the School Spirit

Guys in their early twenties and flags on walls go together like pb&j…

While being a full blown stereotype, this dorm from SolidCake proves there’s clearly nothing wrong with embracing it! This space is incredibly homey and lived-in, perfect for entertaining guests. The addition of an area rug contributes to an overall welcoming vibe that you can’t help but feel cozy in.

One tip to increase longevity, and to go for a slightly classier look, is to hang your flags in a frame.

7. Mid-Century Modern Living

Truth be told, this next example is a post #collegelife bedroom. However it’s packed full of inspiration you can reproduce in your own dorm room. Designed by joshkatz with dark wood tones, natural materials, and a curated gallery wall, this is a masterful blend of pieces that come together for a tasteful mid-century inspired look.

P.S. Be sure to check out Josh Katz’s website for more stunning aesthetic content.

8. Maximize Space With a Clothes Rack

With limited storage space, the need for extra space is a common problem for students.

A rolling clothes rack not only helps keep your room tidy when working with a small dorm closet, but also serves as a whole aesthetic on its own. We love the understated and laid back vibe this bedroom from PineapplesBelongOnPi has going on. Framing a poster is an easy way to elevate your style while stilling showing off your love of music.

9. Tapestry Takeover

When it comes to dorm room decorating ideas for guys, there are do’s and there are don’ts. And this room from brandmbauer is all blue hues and tapestry do’s.

If you find yourself drawn to BOLD colors or patterns and more of everything, maximalist interior design will let you run with it.

10. Black & White Vibes

We love this Princeton University dorm room from Nicolas Chae featuring a black and white theme that’s anything but boring. A perfect blend of tasteful aesthetic touches and the tidy layout gives it a polished industrial feel we can’t get enough of.

Don’t miss his dorm room tour video below for a full 360 view and all the details (like how a mattress pad is one of his recommended dorm room essentials).

VIDEO: Dorm Room Setup Idea for Guys

11. Tastefully Organized

In regards to guys dorm room ideas that stand out from the crowd, organization is key. Seriously, keeping clutter at bay makes a huge difference in your overall aesthetic.

This student room from docileowen makes great use of the available space, like how the mini fridge is neatly tucked underneath the desk. And to the lofted frame, you could take advantage of under the bed storage with a trunk.

Plus with red and black accents throughout it has a very cohesive feel. Incorporating a longboard, guitar, or other hobby items as dorm decoration is a good way to add personality to your college digs.

12. Light & Bright

A little greenery goes a long way. This college room from 3rd year student nswj3 shows how plants a plenty make it airy. And not just figuratively in the aura sense, but also literally because many houseplants (or in this case, dormplants) recycle carbon dioxide to provide oxygen.

Using a muted color palette as a base allows the richly colored desk chair and plants to stand out and add a bit of visual interest. It’s an excellent example of how to channel masculine vibes without being overly harsh and minimalistic.

13. Heat Wave Dreaming

Tapestry wall hangings featuring cool motifs are big in college guys dorm room decor. This serene room from austin-la not only incorporates a tapestry, but also makes it the centerpiece of the whole space. Between the thoughtfully hung string lights (light strips are another great option) and the collection of house plants, it passes the vibe check with flying colors.

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14. Coastal Cottage Feel

We’re in awe of this elegantly styled dorm common room from Robert Austin Huber at Haverford College. Nautical colors paired with beachy decorations give it an overall atmosphere of warmth and preppy sophistication. Mixing patterns and prints is a great way to add personality and visual interest.

15. Neon Jungle Look

Neon signs are very in right now and we’re so here for it. This dorm setup from dylanyjchao is what room goals are made of. The combination of faux hanging vines and diffused lighting strike a tranquil and other-worldly mood, which is the perfect atmosphere for unwinding after class.

16. Indiana Jones Theme

Sure, posters and tapestries are nice, but we love when college roommates cook up inventive room themes. Consider going all out like Isaac Adams & Seth Brown did with their dorm at Biola University. The jungle plants and attention to detail really sells it.

17. Keep it Simple

Struggling with what furniture or decor to add to your dorm? Get back to the basics and don’t overthink it.

This room from bagochips1 perfectly demonstrates how less can be more. It’s uncomplicated but oh-so cozy. When space is limited, using it efficiently and maintaining it makes all the difference.

Final thoughts on guys college dorm room ideas

When it comes to ways to decorate your room for guys, the possibilities are certainly endless. One of the best things about living in the dorms and being independent is your newfound freedom. Freedom to find out who you really are, and freedom to discover your own personal decorating style.

So don’t shy away from experimenting and trying something new. It might take a little while for your vision to come together, but making your space at college somewhere you’re proud to call your own is well worth the effort.


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17 Clever Guys Dorm Room Ideas You Can Easily Recreate (2024)
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