46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (2024)

Find all the best bedroom ideas to suit your tastes and needs. After all, it's the space that gives you energy in the morning and keeps you serene enough to help you wind down with ease.

This hardworking space should keep you happy so we've put our best bedroom ideas together to help inspire your own blissful bubble boudoir.

What we love about decorating a bedroom, is that you don't have to make considerable changes to see and feel great results. A simple switch of a headboard, adding some new colorful cushions to your best bedding sets, or even just a statement rug could add depth to your bedroom decor.

Best bedroom ideas

Mary Maydan, Founder and Principal of Maydan Architectssays: "The bedroom is the place in the house where we want to forget our busy day, relax, and unwind. For my own bedroom, I selected for the walls and ceiling a white color with a subtle touch of grayish-blue. It created a very peaceful atmosphere. The artwork in the bedroom, which is one color of dark blue-gray in different textures, also achieves the same calming effect. No one needs drama when they go to sleep."

From modern bedroom ideas to small bedroom ideas, DIY bedroom ideas, and more, no matter what your style or budget, you'll find plenty of inspiration.

1.Statement headboard

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (1)

(Image credit: Andrew Martin)

Add the instant wow factor with a crowning glory headboard featuring a shapely silhouette, and punchy patterned upholstery. And if you dare look to the sky with an exaggerated height, draw the eye up.This upholstered headboard from Wayfair comes in a variety of colors to match your decor.

Martin Waller, founder, Andrew Martin, says: "More care and attention will be placed in our bedrooms as we spend more time at home and appreciate the space. Our bedroom interiors should be as individual as the people that inhabit them. Don’t be afraid to choose a more outlandish style as this only adds more character."

Feeling crafty? Design and create your own DIY upholstered scalloped headboard for a beautiful design statement that's quick to pull together and easy on the budget.

2. Layered lighting

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (2)

(Image credit: lights&lamps)

Nailing the perfect bedroom lighting ideas is essential to setting the optimum mood and ambiance in your sleep recovery room.

Sheva Knopfler, co-founder and creative director, Lights.com, says: "When you start thinking about bedroom lighting, you should think about the function of each light in that space. Do you need task lighting for your desk? Perhaps vanity lighting for your makeup? An accent light over your dressing area? It is always necessary to layer light fixtures based on the functionality of your space."

3. Bold bedding

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (3)

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

Ditch the hotel white, and inject some personality into your space with patterned bedlinen, throws, and pillows that will help you wake up happy and energized every day! This floral bedding set from Target should do the trick.

Joanna Ross, general manager of design, Sheridan says: "Allow your bed to be the center of attention. It should be the focal point of your bedroom. By adding vibrant colors, striking patterns, and textures — you will be sure to draw your eye straight to your bed."

Check out the best places to buy bedding with our comprehensive editor-approved list of the best places to shop for bedding for all needs and budgets.

4. Built-in drawers

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (4)

(Image credit: Laura Fenton; Weston Wells)

Laura Fenton, author of The Little Book of Living Small, is a HUGE fan of a bed with built-in storage drawers: "They've been a lifesaver in all the small spaces I have lived in," she says.

"A bed frame with built-in drawers is a great way to put your sleeping space to use, especially handy in a small bedroom design. In my own apartment, I have a wooden captain’s bed with six drawers built into the frame, which allows my husband and I to store all our folded clothing right in our tiny bedroom without the need for a chest of drawers."

This highly-rated storage bed from Wayfair can hold anything from extra bedding to bulky outerwear.

5. Window dressings

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (5)

(Image credit: Yond Interiors)

Enhance your bedroom with an additional layer of welcoming texture, and ensure a great night's sleep, by choosing the best bedroom window ideas for your scheme - be that drapes blinds, or a combination of both.

Angela Boswell, founder,The Drape, says: "Blackout Curtains can turn a bedroom into a sleeping haven. The ultimate luxury would be the room darkening curtain with blackout lining, hung close to the ceiling and all the way down to the floor."

These blackout curtains from Amazon are loved by customers with over 113k reviews.

6. Paint a focal point

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (6)

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Helen Shaw, director of Benjamin Moore, says: "In all rooms, but especially bedrooms, sparing use of strong color is a super-effective way of drawing the eye and creating a feature. Create both a focal point and a sense of fun by masking off a simple geometric space above the bed and filling it with your favorite bedroom paint colors."

7. Neutral flooring

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (7)

(Image credit: Brintons)

Choose the right bedroom flooring to enhance your sleeping space underfoot. A neutral color palette is best suited to rooms you spend a lot of time in, such as a bedroom or living room, where relaxing tones are key to creating a happy space. Neutrals are versatile with the ability to provide a platform and set the scene.

Lisa Conway, marketing manager, Brintons, says: "The texture of the carpet is key to preventing a neutral scheme from looking dull. An alternative flooring like wood or tiles can make a room feel stark and bare, whereas a soft woven wool carpet, layered with accessories in cashmere, mohair, and linen will all work to soften a look and create an inviting scheme."

8. Bedside table lighting

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (8)

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

Get creative with your bedside lighting! Although lamps are traditionally favored here, wall sconces and pendants have been popularized to save space on your nightstand and give the space a sophisticated look.

Niki Wright, co-founder, lights&lamps, says: "Single pendants work well on a bedside table as they don’t take up valuable surface space, however, if a table lamp is your only option a shaded lamp with a soft diffusion or dimmable lamp is preferred to ease the eyes before sleep."

This bedside table lamp from Amazon comes with USB charging ports so you can plug in your phone and other devices at night.

9. Two-tone color palette

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (9)

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Wondering how to make a small bedroom look bigger? It's all about creating optical trickery with a two-tone color approach.

Shaw says: "Painting a room in two colors is a great way to create the illusion of space or higher ceilings, as well as adding overall interest. If you are not using an architectural feature such as a dado rail to separate the colors, we recommend using a low tack tape to help get sharp lines between two shades."

"Facing each other on the color wheel, purple and green pair intuitively together. Using soft ice-cream shades of each, with plenty of white as a contrast, gives light and airy bedrooms a fresh, contemporary feel."

10. Highlight the ceiling

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (10)

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Invite the dreamiest bedroom ceiling ideas into your sleeping space and wake up to beautiful beginnings, every day.

Shaw says: "Ceilings are a much-neglected part of the home. Often an afterthought, painted white by default and forgotten, they actually play an important part in the feel of a room. In a bedroom, using yellow on the ceiling makes a bold yet happy statement, and is destined to bring a smile first thing every morning."

11. Natural elements

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (11)

(Image credit: THE MANOR Chris & Nicole The Manor; McLelland at Mohican Media)

Knopfler says: "The bedroom should be as serene as it is stylish, and one trend I’ve noticed is the use of natural elements in decor. Wood, marble, and greenery are commonly used throughout our homes."

A great option is to buy one-of-a-kind consignment pieces from places like Arhaus, Restoration Hardware, or (i.e. an upholstered loveseat, a vanity, an armoire, etc). Very much like a feature/focal point, a strong decorative piece will anchor any room. Finish the space with nature-centric imagery (i.e. topography, flora, fauna, and the elements) that will lend well to your goal of continuity throughout the home.

12. Install a Murphy bed

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (12)

(Image credit: Resource Furniture)

Mary Maydan, founder and principal, Maydan Architects "We recently designed a small study that includes a cozy reading nook, bookcase, and concealed Murphy bed that allows the homeowners to use the space as a study or a bedroom depending on their needs. We highly recommend this tactic, as it can be both beautiful and functional."

You can install one yourself by picking up this Murphy bed from Wayfair and setting it up in your bedroom.

13. Vintage furniture

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (13)

(Image credit: Andrew Martin)

For a romantic bedroom idea, curate your space with unique treasures, and one-off finds, and make it as extra special as your soul mate coupling.

Waller says: "Vintage and collectible accessories will also add eternal quirk and give a space which might otherwise be on-trend but lifeless, a real sense of depth, personality, and soul. They will highlight the minimalist backdrop in which they sit, accentuating your fashionable and meticulously thought-out scheme, whilst adding something original from which the conversation starts."

14. Layer textures

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (14)

(Image credit: Future© Fiona Murray)

The main thing you want from your bedroom decor is for it to create a comfy and cozy space. No matter what your style; super modern or lived-in like this boho bedroom, the easiest way to achieve this is to layer up the textures. Pile up throw pillow and blankets on the bed and keep things soft underfoot with a large area rug and small rug layered on top. Our guide to the best duvet covers and bedding sets brings you our favorite tried and tested bed linen for combining style and comfort.

15. Statement bed

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (15)

(Image credit: Rachel Manns)

If you have always dreamed of a four-poster bed, we say go for it. There are so many grown-up designs out there now and something to suit all styles too. It will add an instant focal point to your space and you can choose how much you dress it up.

Keep it super simple like in this bedroom, or add curtains to create a really zen sleep space, or hang houseplants from the frame to add loads of texture.

This canopy bed from Wayfair looks really elegant, plus it's minimal enough to blend in with any decor style.

16. Mix patterns

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (16)

(Image credit: David Burton)

And if minimalist isn't your vibe, take inspiration from this fabulous space and this gorgeous bedroom wallpaper idea, to explore a more maximalist approach. Don't be afraid to mix patterns or styles — it will give your bedroom personality and make it feel unique to you. This bedroom just proves how stylish it can look when you bring together different styles. There are loads going on here; traditional style, boho textures, and industrial elements too with the lighting. It creates an all over laid back, purposely messy feel that's perfect for a relaxed bedroom

We're also loving the barn door used in the bedroom to slide over the bookshelf; you could use it to go over your closet too. They take up zero space and look stylish.

17. Cohesive color scheme

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (17)

(Image credit: Heather Dixon)

If you are after a more cohesive bedroom idea, sticking to a limited color palette is a good look to go for. We love this pink and green scheme, and how the pink covers all four walls and the ceiling too — a great hack to make a small bedroom feel bigger. The touches of white and black provide some contrast and stop the room from feeling too 2D.

If you're a smitten kitten with this pink bedroom look, take your space to the playful side and be inspired further to decorate with blush pink.

18. Patterned rugs

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (18)

(Image credit: Carmine & Teal)

When your bedroom flooring is looking a bit tired, or if you live in a rented home and want to add some personality, a rug is one of the easiest ways to change up your bedroom design without costing you a fortune!

If your current flooring is really ruining the whole vibe of your room, we recommend throwing down a massive area rug in a neutral color and material (something like jute is perfect) and then adding a patterned rug on top. This works especially well if you have plain white walls and more neutral furniture.

This bold patterned rug from Target will make a real statement.

19. Add a mural

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (19)

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Firstly, this color palette is gorgeous — all those rusty colors and the bright pink! But we also love the idea of making the area above your bed a focal point by turning it into a mural.

Why not scrap the headboard and create a DIY bedroom decor idea like this with just paint? All you would need is some masking tape, some paint, and some patience!

20. Paint a small alcove

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (20)

(Image credit: Christies )

Working with your bedroom design is a must in all decorating schemes. And, if you want to be bold in your color choices, particularly if you love dark interior design ideas, painting an alcove is a great way to work this into your space.

This room still looks bright and fresh but the dark wall, along with the matching bedding, adds a more dramatic feel.

21. DIY paneling

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (21)

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Paneling is everywhere at the moment! And, not just in traditional homes, as wall paneling works really well in modern spaces too. Fear not if you haven't been blessed with original paneling in your bedroom, as you can easily DIY the look. Just head over to the guide on how to achieve DIY wall paneling step by step.

22. Vibrant colors

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (22)

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

You see, wall paneling works so well in a cool and modern bedroom! We love this room, particularly because of the contrasting colors. The softness of the pink brings out bright teal and yellow so well, making it a great bedroom idea for couples and for anyone that adores vibrant spaces.

23. Shiplap

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (23)

(Image credit: Amara)

This is a look that's all over Instagram at the moment. Very beachy, very relaxed, shiplap walls are the thing to have in a bedroom. Now, you can DIY the look with just cladding but we have also seen some fab wallpaper that replicates the look without the hassle.

You can grab shiplap wall panels from Wayfair to recreate the look.

24. Mirror gallery wall

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (24)

(Image credit: Rebecca Hughes Interiors )

We have always been fond of a gallery wall, and we are loving the latest trend of maxing out on mirrors as an alternative to prints. Agallery wallof mirrors is a fab bedroom idea because no matter what the size of your room it's going to bring in more light, texture, and interest, and create space in even the smallest of areas. We have loads moremirror ideasover in our gallery too, if you need inspo.

25. DIY headboard

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (25)

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies )

If you want an even softer look, copy this lovely bedroom idea. For this super easy DIY headboard idea, just pick two or three large square cushions and attach some small brass rings (curtain ringswork well) to the top two corners. Then, using the size of your chosen cushions as a guide, mark out where you need to place the nails or screws that will hold up the cushions. Hammer somelarge brass nails(or use screws if you prefer) hang the cushions and you're done.

And if you're on the hide-and-seek for an alternative headboard style for your guest bedroom, try this fab, easy-peasy DIY headboard with just a spare roll of wallpaper — genius!

26. All gray

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (26)

(Image credit: Homesense)

You can't go wrong with gray bedroom ideas can you; they are always going to be in style and gray is a really easy color to work with other colors. You can change up the palette with seasons — in the fall and winter keep things cozy by adding warmer colors and darker grays, and then in summer keep all of them pale and add plenty of crisp whites and light colors.

27. Farmhouse decor

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (27)

(Image credit: Future)

We always love a neutral bedroom decor scheme, as it's guaranteed to be soft and inviting. We like the idea of adding in lots of nice textures too, just to keep things from looking a bit flat. The rustic bedside table, upholstered headboard, and thick bedroom rugs in the image above all help to create interest in a space that doesn't have much color.

This Hearth & Hand jute rug from Target will add a warm, earthy feel to the room.

28. All white

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (28)

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

And of course, white bedroom ideas really are a classic. You can also do so much with a blank canvas, and change it up easily as styles and seasons change. During the summer months, a relaxed beachy look is definitely one to go for and this works so well with an all-white scheme. Add in some greenery, and a few cream or grey accents to soften the look. While in cooler months, you'll want to embrace Hygge a little more with some plush Scandi-style bedroom additions to your space, such as throws and cushions.

29. Blush accents

(Image credit: Furniture Village )

Can you tell we love neutral bedroom decor? This room has just a hint of color with all those lovely peachy, blush hues. Again so easy to style differently too — add darker colors for a more moody, wintery feel, add golds to go more glam, or even add subtle prints for a cute boho feel.

Love pink rooms as much as we do? Well, we have a whole feature for you to check out!

30. Moody colors

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (30)

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies © Future)

Ah, finally some darker colors! Feature walls are great bedroom ideas as they come in so many different forms to suit your decorating style. What we love about this bedroom is the dark feature wall.

The herringbone tiling effect adds interest and texture, which works wonderfully with those blue walls. Plus, it would be so easy to change the look too. Paint the walls white and voilà, a completely different space.

31. Bright wallpaper

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (31)

(Image credit: Future)

We love color in a bedroom and while we'd say the brighter the better, what we actually think is that bright colors need to be chosen really carefully to feel restful.

Our number one rule is? Pick a punchy color (here, it's pink but it could just as easily be yellow), but stick to natural shades and use a lot of neutrals beneath them to show them off without them feeling garish. Like in this feminine bedroom above, a modern take on summery country chic we love.

This colorful wallpaper from Wayfair will elevate any bedroom.

32. Add seating

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (32)

(Image credit: Design: Bobby Berk; Photography: @marisavitalephotography)

A bedroom chair is essential! Somewhere to sit and read, or spend an afternoon working, it just brings a nice relaxed feel into a bedroom. Curate almost a mini living room in the corner with a small table and a lamp too, throw down a rug and add some cushions to make it cozier.

This Heath and Hand boucle chair from Target will add a cozy texture to the room.

Plus, if you are renting and basically only have a room to your name, this is one of the most effective bedroom ideas to help zone your space and make it feel like you have separate areas, for different activities.

33. Modern boho decor

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (33)

(Image credit: Ikea/Dan Duchars)

While old furniture in a bedroom can look lovely, it's sometimes not the most practical. Drawers that don't open properly, bedside tables with uneven legs, wardrobes with doors falling off their hinges?

Yes, it's a familiar setup. But why not keep that vintage bedroom, boho look with smaller infrequently used pieces of furniture and accessories, but pick modern pieces for the more heavily used items? The overall result is actually really cool.

34. Sleek storage

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (34)

(Image credit: China Cooper )

Bedroom storage is a must, but trying to squeeze in a place to keep all your clothes, bedding, shoes, and more, can be tricky. For this reason, we say keep your storage as discreet as possible so your room isn't just overwhelmed by furniture.

Make use of alcoves so wardrobes and drawers can be tucked away, and pick small pieces of storage furniture that are going to add some style to the room as well as be practical — case in point, a wooden blanket box, like this storage chest from Amazon, at the end of the bed.

Ever thought of using a bedroom storage bench at the bottom of your bed? This will hide clutter and be a place for you to sit in the morning while you put your socks on.

35. Clothes rail

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (35)

(Image credit: Ikea/Benjamin Edwards)

Struggling to cram all your clothes into your wardrobe? A clothes rail is a great clothes storage idea, that will not only provide a bit of extra hanging space but can look really lovely too. Pick out your prettiest clothes and go for a color palette too that you can change up your bedroom's style with the seasons. This garment rack from Amazon is pretty budget-friendly.

36. Built-in shelves

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (36)

(Image credit: String at Utility Design)

If bedside tables are compromising your entire bedroom decor scheme or your space altogether, then remember that you can swap them out for bedroom shelf ideas, painted to match the wall behind. The lower they are, the bigger the bedroom will feel, too. Add as many as you can fit!

37. Statement lighting

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (37)

(Image credit: Pooky)

Oversized table lamps placed on either side of a bed are the perfect bedroom lighting idea and instantly give a very hotel-like vibe to a space. Combine a patterned base with a plain shade as you see above, or switch it so you have a simple base and a patterned shade. Maybe even go for the same fabric as your headboard or throw pillows for a really cohesive look.

This blue ceramic lamp from Target makes a bold statement.

When it comes to picking bedroom lighting more generally "think about what feel you’re after in the bedroom — is it calming and pared-back, warm and cozy, or something with a more opulent flavor? Then create your lighting scheme around that," says Rohan Blacker, Founder of Pooky.

38. String lights

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (38)

(Image credit: Soak & Sleep)

And you just can't go wrong with bedroom string lights, can you? Perfect for adding ambiance to a bedroom you can literally string them up wherever to add a soft cozy glow.

You can pick up a pack of 100 string lights from Amazon to get the best bang for your buck.

39. Natural light

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (39)

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

If you have been blessed with lots of natural light in your bedroom, make the most of it. Pick out bedroom curtain ideas that aren't going to block out any light during the day — lace, net, light linen, all of these sheer fabrics would work for this bedroom idea. You can add a discreet roller blind underneath or a heavier curtain over the top to keep out light during the night.

40. Expose bare floorboards

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (40)

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

The best decorative ideas for bedrooms needn't be complicated and fussy. Floorboards are a really practical choice in a bedroom — they are easy to keep clean, work with any style, and of course look lovely. If you are concerned about keeping the room warm, then rugs are the answer. Invest in a larger rug to keep the heat in and stop it from being too noisy underfoot, and then add smaller rugs over the top.

Oh, and obviously you can paint floorboards too; just head to our guide on painting floorboards for all the tips.

41. Add houseplants

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (41)

(Image credit: Ikea/ Polly Wreford)

House plants are the most organic of all the bedroom decorating ideas out there and they are such a great way to add calming or vibrant colors to your bedroom space.

Mix up the size of plants you choose and have them all at different levels to create a real jungle feel.We have a whole feature on indoor gardening too for plenty of ideas.

42. Add a workspace

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (42)

(Image credit: Ikea/Dan Duchars)

We are all working from home a lot more. If you are squeezed for space in the rest of your house, or rent a room and need to create amodern home office idea, the bedroom is the place to do it.

You want asmall home officeto fit seamlessly into your bedroom decor, so pick furniture and accessories that match the room's style. Let's be honest, you don't want a massive ergonomic office chair and a huge cumbersome desk, so go for slimline, stylish office furniture that could even double up as a dressing table.

43. Wood paneling

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (43)

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

More about simple and Scandi than dark and moody? You'll love this oak wall covering, then. Behind the wall, there are actually bespoke wardrobes made from MDF carcasses, but the covering is engineered oak flooring (there's that topsy-turvy floor-to-wall trend again!), which looks amazing contrasted with the plain white walls.

This also shows that a feature wall doesn't have to be behind your bed, either. Use bespoke joinery like this to highlight interesting shapes or dramatic ceiling heights to amazing effect.

44. Wooden headboard

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (44)

(Image credit: Denny Designs)

While the base color palette of this bedroom decor is neutral, the pattern of the wooden headboard teamed with the textured soft furnishing and other bedroom accessories make this space truly warm and welcoming.

A great look for guest bedrooms, and we would totally choose this for our own space also.

This textured wooden headboard from Wayfair adds a lot of dimension and looks vintage.

45. Clash patterns

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (45)

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Prefer a maximalist look? Use curtains to add patterns and start to build from there. Choose prints and colors for the rest of the room that will both complement and contrast the existing patterns. Bold color palettes are always going to be one of our favorite go-to bedroom decorating ideas, and it's the contrast of patterns that adds that eclectic touch that makes it so special.

46. Add symmetry

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (46)

(Image credit: KD Loves)

The quickest way to give your traditional bedroom decor an upgrade to a hotel feel is to keep things symmetrical. Match your bedside tables, the bedside lights, and the cushions too, just double up on everything — making this one of the easiest bedroom ideas. This will add a sense of balance to your room, plus it all just feels fancier.


What layout is best for a bedroom?

The best layout for a bedroom is usually pretty straightforward, as there will usually be an obvious space for the bed to go and you can base everything else around that.

Place the bed on the main wall – which is either the largest wall or the wall your eye naturally goes to first when you walk in the room. If you can, we would recommend leaving around three feet from the edge of your bed to the wall so you can move freely around the space.

For a balanced look add two bedside tables to each side of the bed and keep any other furniture on the other side of the room. To keep the space from feeling cluttered leave it at that if you can, and then bring in personality with artwork and small pieces of decor that reflect your style.

How can you decorate a bedroom on a budget?

The best way to decorate a bedroom on a budget is to shop for furniture and decor second-hand. Not only is this going to save your money it will give your bedroom a more personal style too.

DIY is always a good way to stick to a budget too, so give painting and wallpapering a go yourself as any DIY novice can do these successfully. And it often results in some of the best bedroom ideas.

Then, just be wise with where you spend and where you save — the best mattress, for example, is worth investing in, but for decor, you are going to switch out regularly as artwork and pillows stick to a budget.

46 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary (2024)
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