50 Easy Spring Living Room Decor Ideas - Shelterness (2024)

It’s so pleasant to enjoy first spring sun beams and breathe in that aroma-filled air! The most adorable and fresh season is coming, and it’s high time to welcome it in your home, too. Here are the easiest ways to prepare your living room for this gorgeous season, and I’m sure that they will help you create a proper ambience.

Pastels/ Neutrals

Switch your color scheme to neutrals or/ and pastels, such an idea will always make the space feel like spring. You may change the whole space repainting the walls, changing or reupholstering the furniture and so on or go an easier way with accessories, accents and maybe an accent wall. Neutrals are a timeless color scheme that works in any season and time and you may just add these or those accessories, for example, pastel ones for spring. If you wanna go all pastels, rock a pastel accent wall, neutral and pastel furniture, pillows, all kinds of textiles and various decor.

a soft-colored living room with neutral walls, a pink sofa, rattan chairs, refined tables and a mirror in a chic frame

a neutral living room with grey walls, a pink sofa, neutral furniture, a table with gold frames and a cool gallery wall

a refined neutral living room done in white and creamy tones, with chic marble slab tables and a statement artwork

a neutral living room accented with pink touches, with a pink sofa, pastel pillows and blankets and potted greenery

a pink living room with chic modern furniture, a fireplace clad with tiles, lots of potted plants and printed pillows

a pastel living room with neutral walls and a pink accent wall, refined furniture, pastel vases and pillows plus a color block rug

a neutral living room with pink touches, a vintage chandelier and pink blooms in a jug is a welcoming space

a fresh and welcoming spring living room in neutrals, with a sectional, pastel pillows, a rattan pendant lamp and an ottoman

a pastel living room with a pink open shelving unit, refined taupe furniture and potted blooms and greenery

a neutral and pastel living room with a grey sofa, floral and pastel pillows, a pink blanket and a shabby chic table

an airy spring living room done in light greys, comfy modern furniture, a gallery wall and some green branches in a vase

a neutral living room with a white sofa, a rattan chair, touches of black for drama is vvery welcomigng and feels like spring

a blue and white spring living room with printed accessories, potted greenery feels veyr fresh and spring-like

a neutral living room with chic and comfy furniture, lots of pink blooms and some printed blue textiles

a welcoming and fresh living room in neutrals with some prints, a gallery wall with beach-inspired prints is amazing

a soft and welcoming spring living room in neutrals and pink, with comfy and chic furniture, blooms and foliage plus pink accessories

a soft pastel living room with blush walls, comfortable furniture in pastel shades and pastel pillows, pretty accessories in the same pastel shades

a soft pastel and neutral living room with pastel pillows and textiles, artworks, greenery and lamps

a neutral living room with stylish and comfy furniture, a printed rug, a pastel gallery wall and potted plants

a pastel living room with light green walls, pretty pastel furniture and a bold blue sofa, a bright yellow chandelier and potted plants


Prints are a super budget-friendly way to change the look of any room giving it a mood. What prints do we need for a spring space? Floral, botanical and watercolor or all together in one even – these prints really feel springy. How to incorporate them? Use floral wallpaper to create an accent wall, order watercolor pillows and rugs, think of furniture pieces with botanical upholstery, curtains, artworks, framed prints and much more. You may also pair up different prints but they should somehow match, at least with their color schemes.

a lovely farmhouse living room with a gallery wall with botanical prints, some printed pillows, potted blooms and green curtains

a vintage and shabby chic living room accented with floral prints - pillows, artworks and even a faux floral decoration

a welcoming shabby chic spring living room in neutrals, with floral pillows and faux blooms and greenery

a catchy spring living room with chic furniture, floral pillows and pastel ones, a blue hexagon table and a catchy mirror

a neutral living room with chic and elegant furniture, bright watercolor and floral printed accessories and a bold artwork

an airy and chic living room with neutral stylish furniture, floral print pillows, botanical artworks and an entrance to the balcony

a vintage spring living room with green and floral print furniture, a fireplace, a porcelain green table and printed curtains

a bright and fun spring living room with a blush fireplace and a bold floral chair plus colorful accessories is very cool

a cheerful living room done with veyr pretty colorful wildflower wallpaper, mustard and grey furniture, pastel touches and a bright floor lamp

a farmhouse living room done in neutrals, with floral pillows and curtains, a wooden table and wooden beams on the ceiling

a glam pastel living room with a pink loveseat, pastel furniture, a floral rug and pastel floral artworks

a boho living room in neutrals, with a floral sofa, rattan chairs, potted greenery and a printed rug

a refined glam living room with blush floral wallpaper, a pink velvet sofa, a creative chair and a crystal chandelier

a bright living room with a pink sofa, floral pillows and a rug, potted plants, a mirror in a refined frame and a gold floor lamp

a gallery wall with same size frames

Potted Plants

The last but not least and perhaps the easiest way to make your living room look like spring is rocking potted plants and greenery, whether they are faux or natural ones. Plants will never go out of style and work great for decor refreshing the space and making it feel more spring or summer-like. Natural plants will be the best solution but if it’s impossible for some reason, choose faux statement ones. Blooms are also welcome, though they are mostly used for summer spaces, though if you want them – rock as many as you want. A very lovely idea is attaching bright faux blooms to the wall creating an accent wall and installation in one – very boho and bold. Fresh blooms and greenery in vases will also make the space very springy, so get them anytime. Enjoy!

a pastel living room with chic neutral furniture, a gallery wall with various potted plants and greenery in vases

a white living room with elegant and chic furniture, a vintage chandelier, green and printed pillows and greenery in vases

a bright eclectic living room with pastel living room, a fireplace, potted greenery and a sphere chandelier

an industrial living room with brick walls, a fireplace, a pink curved seating and a stool plus potted greenery and blooming branches

a neutral Scandinavian living room with a couple of bright touches, bold blooms in vases and pots

a boho living room with a bright rug, potted greenery and vines, a wooden table feels like spring

a neutral farmhouse living room with potted greenery and blooms, a vintage chandelier and striped ottomans

a Scandinavian living room in neutrals, a graphic gallery wall, greenery in vases and pots for a fresh touch

a bright living room with colorful furniture, printed pillows, blooming branches in a vase for a spring touch

a spring living room in neutrals, with greenery and neutral blooms and pastel pillows for a fresh touch

a vintage neutral and pastel living room with potted greenery, a green pillow and blanket is very chic

a small boho living room done in neutrals, with potted greenery that brings a fresh touch to the space

a modern neutral farmhouse living room with a potted tree and greenery, a floral artwork that give a spring feel to the space

a calm and peaceful neutral living room with a fireplace, grey furniture, greenery and a firewood stand

a stylish farmhouse living room with a blue sofa, neutral furniture, wooden beams, potted greenery and blooms

50 Easy Spring Living Room Decor Ideas - Shelterness (2024)
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