9 Best Chinese 250 Dirt Bikes That Aren't All Rubbish (2023) - Frontaer (2024)

Eager to get out on your local trails but don’t want to part ways with a bunch of cash for a Yamaha in this recession? Then 250cc Chinese dirt bikes are your answer.

Their reputation, however, doesn’t place them in the best light. So what makes and models are worth your consideration? We have found those which are not only affordable but have a ton of genuinely positive reviews and with some serious power too.

Here are the best dirt bikes made in China:

1. Trailmaster TM33 250cc Dirt Bike

The Trailmaster TM33 is the best Chinese 250cc dirt bike.

Users can ride the Trailmaster offroad, in-town, and just cruise. It’s an unbelievably affordable bike with incredible suspension for its size, making for a smooth ride.

It handles the rough terrain well. It also features an electric start, a surprising feature for such a small bike. It doesn’t sacrifice the frame from the bigger models, providing excellent stability.

The Trailmaster has LED headlights and tops out at 70 miles per hour. Overall, an excellent dirt bike.

2. Apollo DB-36

The Apollo DB-36 is a close second to the Trailmaster. It could easily have taken the top spot on this list.

The Apollo DB-36 is not only a fast bike but also has incredible torque. This bike has an excellent frame that endures impact with offroading.

The DB-36 is street legal because of its fuel-efficient engine, not to mention that it is quieter. It also features excellent brakes and an efficient cooling system. The DB-36 has both a kickstart and a button starter.

It tops out at 70 miles per hour and has a 4-stroke engine. While it is street legal, the bike begs for offroading. This dirt bike provides an incredible ride with its balance of speed, torque, and durability.

3. SSR SR250

The SR250 might not have the same speed as the previous two bikes, but it still gives riders an excellent time.

The SR250 attempts to mimic Honda’s CRF250X. While not as peppy as its facsimile, it still offers a fun ride for a much lower price. It provides good power for trail-riding.

This bike also provides its riders with a durable frame for jumps. It is just as much fun as similar bikes but at a much more affordable price.

It features an aluminum alloy frame and has 25.8 horsepower. All in all, the ST250 provides a good mix of speed and power.

4. X-PRO 250cc Dirt Bike

The X-PROs aren’t as incredible as the previous dirt bikes on this list, but they are reliably fun.

A good value for its price, the X-PRO 250 provides a strong option for beginners. This X-PRO tops off at 70 miles per hour. It provides its riders with a good combination of control, comfortability, and speed.

5. X-PRO Titan 250cc Dirt Bike

The X-PRO Titan is a fast bike with a quiet engine. So, if you are not a fan of loud bikes, this option is excellent.

The light frame and powerful engine it features make it an excellent option. It also includes an electric kick starter, a preference of some riders.

The Titan tops out at 60 miles per hour. The speedy bike touts a flashy look for offroading.

6. X-Pro Hawk 250 Dirt Bike

This dirt bike is easy to control and requires minimal maintenance. It is designed for offroading and can travel long distances. Users love the electric kick starter.

The X-Pro Hawk provides a potent combination of style and ruggedness. It tops out at 60 miles per hour with its four-stroke gas engine. It also has 11.5 horsepower.

7. Tao Motor 250 TBR7 ENDURO

As we enter the third part of this list, the TBR7 still gives the rider a lot of fun.

While not the perfect dirt bike, the TBR7 still provides a fun ride. It tops out at 55 miles per hour with a 4-stroke engine. It also features a kick starter.

The affordable bike offers its riders the option of both on-roading and offroading. The brakes will require some breaking in before they work as efficiently as you hope. After riding for a while, though, they will work great.

The bike is easily assembled but can succumb to rust issues. While it faces some problems, it still provides the rider with options.

8. GPX 250cc

Nearing the end of the list, we look at a comfortable ride.

The GPX 250 is a trail bike. It doesn’t have the same giddy-up as the other bikes, but it has the power to push through the rough terrain. You can also take it to the streets with its LED lights.

Built for a more relaxing ride, the GPX 250 still equals the power of comparable dirt bikes and has a sturdy frame. It provides its riders with a fun, comfortable ride.

9. Gio X31

The Gio X31 ends the list with a dirt bike for beginners.

While the X31 is an excellent bike for beginners, it still has the power to make riding fun for experienced riders. The engine has an exciting sound, too.

While its torque leaves something to be desired, the bike handles the rough terrain of trails well. The bike doesn’t offer much jumping but will still provide a good time for the rider.

9 Best Chinese 250 Dirt Bikes That Aren't All Rubbish (2023) - Frontaer (2024)
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