Dennis Schroder Net Worth in 2024: How much is he worth? (2024)

When Los Angeles Lakers point guard Dennis Schroder turned down the $84 million offer to pursue a possibly larger prospect as a free agent, it seemed we had seen the last of Schroder in gold and purple. Things went south for the German professional from that point on, as he managed only a one-year deal with the Celtics. When fans considered Dennis had indeed burnt all bridges at his then-former team, the Lakers signed him back – albeit for a much shorter deal. Now that he is again back to dominating the courts in purple and gold, where does Dennis Schroder’s net worth stand?

Unknown to quite a lot of fans, Schroeder is not only a professional basketball player, but he is also the sole owner of Basketball Lions Braunschweig back in Germany. The NBA star may have substantially reduced his market value between his first and second stint with the Lakers, but Schroder is yet again back to his best.

It is not just his on-court stellar prowess but his drive to display his top game that has made Schroeder a fan-favorite. “I treat every game like it’s my last,” Dennis had once remarked. “You never know what can happen.”

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Owing to his popularity, the NBA star has signed quite a handful of endorsem*nt deals over the years. As of today, the majority of Dennis Schroder’s net worth amounts from his NBA salaries. Here’s how much wealth Dennis ‘the Menace’ has amassed to date.

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Dennis Schroder’s Net Worth

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Dennis Schroder has an estimated net worth of $95 million in 2024. Part of his vast wealth amounts from his NBA contracts and salaries. At only 27, Schroder acquired the ownership of the Basketball Lions Braunschweig in Germany. Besides, has also partnered with various top brands on endorsem*nt deals, names that include Mercedes Benz, Nike, Puma, and Kaugummi.

On July 1, Dennis Schroder will become the majority owner of his German hometown team, Löwen Braunschweig in the Basketball Bundesliga League, per @Forbes.

Schroder’s first pro experience was with Löwen Braunschweig’s farm team in 2010. He spent three seasons total in the BBL.

— NBA Planet (@nbaplanet_) May 23, 2020

Contracts & salary

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Although Schroder is currently on a minimum contract with the Lakers worth $2,641,682, he has signed some heavy NBA contracts. His rookie contract with the Atlanta Hawks saw him earn $7,510,862 across four years until he signed a massive $70,000,000 extension.

Back in 2021, Schroder turned down the Lakers’ $84 million extension offer but could only sign a one-year $5,890,000 deal with the Boston Celtics. Given his form, the point guard will soon land some long-term contracts.

Dennis Schroder is the best veteran minimum contract player in the NBA

The man has single-handedly won no less than 5 games for the Lakers this season and each one of those Ws has been absolutely critical

— LAbound (@LAbound2) March 2, 2023


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Dennis Schroder has partnered with Puma in 2022 and features shoes of the Puma Clyde All-Pro series on-court. Previously the NBA star had signed an endorsem*nt deal with Nike until changing brands for Puma. He sported Nike Zoom KD 12 and Kobe V, among other Nike shoes. Currently, he is also seen wearing the Puma Fusion Nitro Spectra more often.

Dennis Schroder has signed a sponsorship & apparel endorsem*nt deal with @PUMAHoops
.#DennisSchroder #puma

— Front Row (@FR_FrontRow) September 6, 2022

Schroder is also said to have partnered with other top brands like Mercedes Benz, 11teamsports, and Kaugummi.

Investments in basketball

Although not widely known, Dennis Schroder owns the German professional basketball team Basketball Lions Braunschweig. He had held part ownership of the team since 2018 and went on to acquire sole ownership in 2021. At the age of only 27, Schroder became the owner of Basketball Lions Braunschweig, which compete in Germany’s top league.

Thunder guard Dennis Schroder is now the sole owner of Braunschweig, the German basketball club on which he starred before coming to the NBA in 2013 as a first-round pick of the Atlanta Hawks. Dennis was previously one of four shareholders in his hometown team. #CU360

— CloseUp360 (@CloseUp360) May 26, 2020

Car Collection

Quite like other celebrity athletes, Dennis Schroder also boasts a sauve collection of cars. Given that he has partnered with Mercedes at some point, the star would obviously choose one in his collection. Schroeder’s car collection includes a Mercedes G-Class and a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Alongside these two beauties, he has also shown off a Lamborghini Urus and a Cadillac Escalade on a YouTube video on his official channel.

Dennis Schroder’s spouse Ellen Ziolo’s net worth

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Dennis Schroder has been married to German model and fashion icon Ellen Ziolo since 2019. A successful professional in her field, Ellen has worked with numerous brands throughout her career. She has an estimated net worth of $800,000 presently. The Schroder couple has been blessed with two children and is known to be a happy family.

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Dennis Schroder Net Worth in 2024: How much is he worth? (2024)
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