Dennis Schroder (Updated 2023) - Net Worth, Salary, Records, and Endorsem*nts (2024)

Dennis Schroder is a German professional basketball player and here is more about his net worth, salary, records, and endorsem*nts

Dennis Schroder has always stood out of the crowd due to his unconventional hairstyle, as his mother had advised. But this German basketball player for the NBA isn’t only popular for his hair, but also for his talents on the court, so let’s learn more about him, his net worth, career, personal life, and more.

Dennis Schroder Facts

Birth PlaceBrunswick, Germany
Father’s NameAxel Schroder
Mother’s NameFatou Schroder
Star SignVirgo
Net Worth (2023)$90 Million
Date of BirthSeptember 15, 1993
Height (ft.)6 ft. 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight (kg)78 kgs (172 lbs.)
NBA Draft Year2013
NBA Draft PickRound 1/ Pick: 17th overall
Playing Career2013-present
PositionPoint Guard, Guard
TeamLos Angeles Lakers
Wife/GirlfriendEllen Ziolo (m. 2019)
ChildrenImalia Aliyah, Dennis Junior Schroder

Dennis Schroder is a German professional basketball player who started off his career with the German National Basketball Team playing for the Phantom Braunschweig. He started playing for the NBA since 2013 when he was the 17th overall draft pick by the Atlanta Hawks.

Dennis Schroder is a celebrated basketball player in both the nations, Germany and the USA. A young Schroder was recognized when playing for the Braunschweig, as the best young German player (2013) to play.

He played with the Atlanta Hawks for six years from 2013 to 2018 and then spent two years with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In 2020 he joined the Los Angeles Lakers on a one-year deal before moving to the Boston Celtics. He then had a brief stint with the Houston Rockets before returning to the Lakers in 2022.

Dennis Schroder Achievements

As a player –

  • BBL Best Improved Player (2013)
  • BBL Best Young German Player (2013)
  • NBA Player of the Week

Dennis Schroder Net Worth and Salary

According to sources, Dennis Schroder has a sum net worth of $90 million estimated as of 2023. His earnings are at millions, as for instance, the contract he signed with Oklahoma City Thunder was at $15 million a year, as had been the case for him with the Hawks.

In 2022, Schroder signed a one-year $2,641,682contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, including $2,641,682 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $2,641,682. In 2022-23, Schröder will earn a base salary of $2,641,682, while carrying a cap hit of $1,836,090 and a dead cap value of $1,836,090.

Dennis Schroder Personal Life

Dennis Schroder is born German and follows Islam. He was born in September 1993 to his German father and Gambian mother. He grew up with his brother and attended a local school in Brunswick Germany. The two siblings were immersed skateboarders until Schroder found his new interest in Basketball. He started playing for the German team, and became quite successful as a young player. His father passed away in 2009, and Schroder dedicated himself to the sport even more.

He played three years for the national team Braunschweig in Germany and then applied for the NBA draft in 2013. He was the 17th overall pick by the Atlanta Hawks and has since then played for the OKC Thunder, the LA Lakers, and now with the Boston Celtics.

He married his long-term sweetheart, Ellen Ziolo, in 2019 with who he has two children. His hairstyle has always been an appealing feature of him and he attests that his mother at a young age had suggested he bleach a portion of his hair blond, which would help him stand out. And his mother Fatou, who was a professional hairstylist was indeed right.

Dennis Schroder Endorsem*nts

Dennis Schroder has done quite a few brand endorsem*nts, such as Nike where he consistently wore the Nike KD12 shoes. However, he had to discontinue, due to Kyrie Irving’s legal issues who the show was based on.

Schroder has done other brand endorsem*nts such as – Mercedes Benz, SNIPES, Cricket Wireless, DasKagummi, and so on.

FAQs about Dennis Schroder

How old is Dennis Schroder?
Dennis Schroder is 29 years old.
Who is Dennis Schroder’s Wife?
Schroder is married to Elin Ziolo and has a son and a daughter with her.
Who is Dennis Schroder’s Agent?
Dennis Schroder’s agent is his former German team’s player – Ademola Okulaja.

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Dennis Schroder (Updated 2023) - Net Worth, Salary, Records, and Endorsem*nts (2024)
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