Pineapple-Ginger Crumb Cake Recipe (2024)



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The recipe calls for fresh or frozen pineapple. What about canned?


Grrrr you people….Just use the canned pineapple. (avoid the kind in syrup, use organic if available) Drain it well, pat it dry….it’ll be fine.


Canned pineapple will have too much juice and won’t have the firmness of fresh or frozen - the canned would get mushy during carmelization


Couldn't get pineapple so I used frozen peaches. Yum!

Lynda H.

Error in the pan sizes? Note that a 9" springform and a 9" round pan have the same area as an 8" SQUARE pan (64 sq inches) . The 9" square pan (in the recipe instructions) is 81 sq inches, so would result in a flatter cake (you also need to reduce the baking time).


CatPerson, I think canned would be fine. It all depends on your taste. If you read the article, MC emphasizes getting a good sear on the pineapple to keep the juices in. I would use pineapple canned in light syrup or juice and drain very well.


As LKD said, avoid pineapple canned in syrup and press out as much juice as possible. It worked just fine. An absolutely delicious cake!!

Lorraine Fina Stevenski

Lovely recipe. I will use Cosmic Crisp apples caramelized like the pineapple. Love a good crumb cake!


Well, you could do what most experienced cooks do. Start checking at 40 minutes and continue testing until the cake is cooked to your preference.


Altitude adjustments below!Delicious! In the words of the recipient: “that’s a keeper!” I used frozen pineapple, defrosted. It browned like a dream. Since I’m at 7,000 feet, I made these altitude adjustments to the cake portion, which worked beautifully: reduced baking powder to 1 tsp; reduced baking soda to a scant 1/2 tsp. Used 1.5 TBSP rum/vanilla and 1 tsp salt; reduced sugar in cake to 75g; used a bit more sour cream (rounded 1/2 c) for moisture. Baked 60 min. YUM! Make this cake!


I grilled some canned pineapple slices recently, and they came out great. So I think it would work here, too. It’s probably what I will use.


The cake was lovely and moist, the crumb was good as well. Would prefer more pineapple but overall a lovely cake. Lots of dishes but clean up was quick. My oven tends to run cooler when it comes to cooking time and 50 minutes was perfect. So would definitely start on the low end of time and check.


I was about to note the same, that 9" round = 8" square (having just looked this up a few days ago on King Arthur's site) - but then I remembered in the same article, they say 8" square and 9" square are interchangeable in most recipes (weird, I know). I guess it depends on how high you want your square cake (and how thick the topping). As for bake time, I'm assuming that's why the estimated time swings all the way from 45 minutes to 60.


I made this yesterday/today. Made the crumb topping (yes, could use more melted butter) & carmelized the canned (in juice, drained) pineapple yesterday. I put them in the fridge, then made the cake this morning. The cake batter is very thick. (I used light sour cream.) The flavor is delicious, though!


The crumb topping is good. The pineapple part is good (though I was wishing for more). However, the cake base has a cornbread-bread-like crumb and a taste that lacked sweetness, no doubt because of the cake-base’s odd flour-to-sugar ration (3 to 1). Unfortunately, the cake-base made for a decidedly blah crumbcake overall.


Doubled the pineapple and made it in a 9 in.² pan. Probably done at about 42 minutes.

Amy B

I added an extra 1/2 cup of sugar to the cake batter for a better crumb & omitted sugar in the pineapple layer & simply broiled 2 cans of unsweetened pineapple chunks. I also added some extra of butter (per the comments) & subbed some rolled oats for part of the flour in the crumb topping. My cake overcooked by 45 min, so I cut off the burnt areas, flipped it & saturated the bottom w a pineapple syrup. The cake was a big hit. While, as the reviews note, labor intensive, I would make again.

Amy B

Forgot to mention that I used grated fresh ginger instead of candied ginger & added it to the pineapple rather than the cake batter.


I made the cake without fully reading all the reviews.. As others stated it was pretty skimpy on the pineapple side. I love the crumb to cake ratio. I didn't add the lime zest, as we had no limes, and don't think this made a difference. The cake is very impressive looking, got lots of rave reviews.

Mel B

i've made this cake three times. Don't be shy with the pineapple. Fresh is better than frozen, in my opinion. i've made it with both yogurt and sour cream, and sour cream gets my vote.


Made this today because I had a soon-to-be expired can of crushed pineapple that needed attending to. Drained the juices away, then followed Melissa's baking directions. The cake itself was moist/fine, but the (canned) pineapple layer was fairly bland. If I make this again, I wouldn't used canned fruit.


I bet this would be delicious with apples in the fall. Though perfect as is too!

Mel B

this is so good! Make sure you have enough pineapple because I was 100 g short and it wasn't enough. The fruit shrinks as it bakes so pile it on!

Carol Ann

Lots of steps (and dishes) for a cake that was just okay. More pineapple would have been better, with maybe less crumb.


I had all of the ingredients on hand, including fresh pineapple; BUT no sour cream or yogurt. I substituted an equal amount of mayonnaise. Delicious! Next time I will use more than 1/2 a pineapple and add a bit more ginger, but those are minor adjustments to an otherwise scrumptious dessert (last night) and breakfast (today).


Everyone in my fam loved this ‘cake’. I’m very inclined to have more pineapple mix & less crumb topping? Haven’t messed with the recipe yet… Delicious!!


I made this yesterday/today. Made the crumb topping (yes, could use more melted butter) & carmelized the canned (in juice, drained) pineapple yesterday. I put them in the fridge, then made the cake this morning. The cake batter is very thick. (I used light sour cream.) The flavor is delicious, though!


Just made this for first time. Turned out great!! Followed recipe as written except, thanks to notes here, I added a bit more butter to the topping. Used frozen pineapples, drained. It needed to bake for full 60 mins at 350, in 9” springform. Came out moist, wonderful flavors, just right amount of sweet and spice. Fab with coffee!


Cake batter was too thick. Looked almost like dough and turned out a little dry at 40 min. in the oven. Also, found the cake flavor unremarkable. I used yogurt. If I make this again, I'll go with sour cream. The caramelized pineapple is good but definitely double the amount used. Since I used a fresh pineapple, I ended up sautéing the unused pineapple in butter, brown sugar and rum, then spooning that over the cake before serving. Cake doesn't wow me but with a few adjustments, it might.

Marci Radin

Thanks to the altitude instructions, this turned out perfectly! (Also, used pecans instead of almonds) Looking forward to trying new flavor combos.

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Pineapple-Ginger Crumb Cake Recipe (2024)
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