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Tauheed – The concept of oneness is the fundamental basis of Islamic education, and it incorporates the unity of God, creation, humanity and knowledge. Therefore we believe that pursuing knowledge is a religious duty. The goal of Islamic education is to produce students who see themselves as global citizens and who strive for excellence. We will encourage our students to pursue knowledge in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and world languages.


MECCA provides a structured environment that integrates an academically rigorous curriculum with socially developed activities to equip all students for lifelong academic success. Developmentally appropriate expectations are placed on students of all ages.

We believe in each child’s ability to develop her/his full potential and to succeed in school and life. Students graduating from MECCA will enter kindergarten excelling and having mastered preschool concepts, while school age children will be encouraged to strive for continual academic excellence.

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How To Enroll Your Child

We respect the primary role of families in providing care for their children. When families entrust their children to MECCA, we are challenged to provide a program of the highest quality to build positive self- concept, school competence, and the pursuit of higher levels of learning.


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Or download all required forms using the links below:

  • Enrollment Application Form
  • CACFP Meal Benefit Income Eligibility Form (One Per Family)
  • MECCA’s CACFP Enrollment Form (One Per Child)
  • Health Assessment Form


MECCA’s Program

MECCA partners with families who desire to commit their children to educational excellence and the teaching of Islamic principles.

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MECCA provides a nurturing and safe environment for all infants; a second home away from home. MECCA provides care for infants ages 6 weeks through 13 months. Infants need to develop a trusting relationship with their caregiver which establishes a bond, allowing them to develop at their own pace.

At MECCA, infant caregivers meet each child’s individual needs while assisting with the skills needed to develop cognitive, language, and social skills. Infants are encouraged to participate in tummy time to strengthen muscles needed for gross motor development. Infants are talked to constantly throughout their day and read stories to develop language skills (no baby talk), and are given opportunities to socialize with other friends in their age group. Infants are introduced to the Arabic language through songs and finger-play.

MECCA caregivers are trained to understand that infant cries are their primary way of communication, attend to every cry to assist infants develop trust and ensure that every need is met. Our infant program is founded on a partnership with families and is a continuation of home where learning and development occur naturally.

MECCA’s infant caregivers are knowledgeable in child development and track infant growth through assessments and evaluations. As our most vulnerable age group, our infants are located near the Administration and monitored closely throughout each day. We are delighted to share in your child’s journey through their most delicate stage of development.

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At MECCA, our Preschool students are gaining skills required to become confident learners. Preschool students are developing a love for reading and their imaginations are being intrigued through teacher led play initiatives.

At MECCA, Preschool teachers focus on demonstrating skills needed to establish the foundation required for reading and problem solving. Islamic studies is expanded as students begin to learn to recite Juz Amma and learn about the Prophets of God through stories and hands-on activities.

The Arabic language is studied from a child’s perspective as Preschoolers learn colors, shapes, and other everyday objects. Preschool teachers set goals for all students to achieve mastery of letter and number recognition along with an introduction to our Montessori program for 3 year old students.

The Montessori program at MECCA places strong emphasis on child centered and student led approaches to early literacy, math, science, and social studies. Preschool students are encouraged to rely on their innate ability to learn and absorb knowledge that is present in all aspects of their day at MECCA. MECCA’s Preschool program balances hands-on education and learning through play.

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MECCA provides a continuation of the nurturing environment provided in our infant program while offering opportunities for exploration and independence. MECCA’s toddler program teaches children ages 13 months through 24 months old. Toddlers are mastering the skills need to walk, run, and climb; along with quickly developing language skills. As such, toddlers are introduced to short Quranic surahs and du’as during circle time and throughout the day.

Arabic alphabet, numbers, and Islamic concepts are taught through songs and poems. In our toddler program your student will develop their conversational skills while gaining confidence in their newly developed abilities. At MECCA, our toddlers gain the cognitive abilities needed for color, letter and number recognition; along with the social skills required to learn manners and how to share with a friend.

Toddlers settle into a routine with an action packed day centered around their continued and rapid growth. MECCA will guide your toddler through daily experiences that keep them engaged, active, and inspired to learn; all while still making time for cuddles.

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Interactive Pre-Kindergarten

At MECCA, our Pre-Kindergarten (PreK) students are reading and writing, solving simple math equations, and are on the track to lifelong academic success! MECCA’s PreK program is developmentally appropriate for students ages 4 & 5. Our PreK program is structured to assist each student with a successful transition into Kindergarten.

Quranic recitation is extended as students are taught the English translation which make learning the Quran more meaningful. Islamic concepts including the five pillars and Articles of Faith are readily explored and practiced, along with an introduction to conversational Arabic. Students in MECCA’s PreK program are emerged in our Montessori program that is developed based on each student’s abilities and interests.

MECCA’s Montessori curriculum is based on developing skills needed for practical life (care of person and care of environment), literacy, sensorial activities, science, art, music, social development, and learning through play. MECCA’s PreK students graduate on a first grade academic level.

Extra Curricular Programs

We are challenged to provide a program of the highest quality to build positive self- concept, school competence, and the pursuit of higher levels of learning.

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School Age

MECCA provides your school age child with an environment that is a continuation of school, yet relaxing and socially rich. Students are provided with homework assistance and tutoring. In addition, students are provided with nutritious hot halal meal, and opportunities to appropriately socialize with their peers.In addition to academic support, MECCA offers weekly karate and chess clubs with opportunities to compete nationally.

MECCA offers full-day programs packed with field trips and project based learning activities for days when school is closed for observance of holidays, spring/winter break, professional development, and early dismissals. School age students are mentored in leadership skills, conflict resolution, and good character and moral development in a world which encourages disobedience and defiance among our young adults.

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Summer Camp

At MECCA, although school is out for summer, the learning continues! MECCA summer camp is tailored around academic themes delivered in fun and interactive activities. At MECCA’s summer camp, students will retain information learned throughout their school year, while learning new and exciting concepts. Students in summer camp are afforded the opportunity to learn and practice their deen in a safe, supportive environment.

Summer Camp students swim weekly along with attending weekly trips and Jumah prayer! Camp students will strengthen their leadership skills, learn team building techniques, and grow in character and moral development. Summer camp is fun for all students from Kindergarten through 6th grade.


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MECCA partners with families who desire to commit their children to educational excellence and the teaching of Islamic principles.
Thank you for choosing MECCA!

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Program – MECCA Child Care (2024)
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