Urban Indian Decor: 12 Irresistible Bedrooms (2024)

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Take a tour of these head-turning bedrooms that are an inviting escape into serious style and comfort

For many homeowners, the bedroom is more than just a functional space; it is a sanctuary that carries notes of our personality, infuses calm and charisma and provides visual stimulation. From contemporary apartments cloaked in pastel-chic to earthy villas washed in rustic tones, Indian bedrooms are an eclectic showcase of vibrant colours, diverse designs, decor schemes and styles, and luxurious furnishings and finishes. This round-up of gorgeous Indian bedrooms serves as proof – and inspiration.

Raja Akkinapalli Photography

1. Cityscape sanctum
Defined by clean lines and solid blocks of colour, this Bengaluru bedroom strikingly offsets the organic tones, the untidy treetops and cloud-dappled sky, viewed through the sweeping wall-to-wall window. The space features a teal accent wall, which is highlighted by a pair of elongated tufted headboards and diminutive picture frames. A diagonally placed rug displaying a multicoloured, yet muted geometric print, gives impetus to the room’s angular character.

Prashant Bhat Photography

Prashant Bhat Photography

2. Gold-meets-monochrome
Gold has a way of infusing grandeur into even the most understated spaces.

Gold gossamer-style curtains, a gold-and-black striped bed cover and an ornate gilded chandelier turn this monochrome bedroom into an opulent retreat. A rough-polished wooden canopy overarches the bed, framed against a formidable antique double door, while a candelabrum-inspired chandelier hangs at the fore, forming an arresting focal point.

The space intertwines classic and contemporary threads to weave a unique transitional aesthetic.

Discover the magic of monochrome in these delightful one-colour bedrooms

The BNK Group

The BNK Group

3. Baby-blue bliss
This Mumbai sea-facing apartment by the BNK Group reimagines the traditional honeycomb design, offering two different variations in this bedroom an elongated version on its daisy-hued headboard and a rounded overlapping version on its shimmery beau-blue bed cover.

Although dominated by baby blue, the room presents visual variety through soft pink accents, while the medallion-clad false ceiling sheds soft lighting to enhance the aesthetic.

Dreaming of inviting blue into your bedroom?

Baldiwala Associates

4. Contemporary earthiness
An earthy wall, split into chic rectangular segments, offers the outline for this Mumbai bedroom’s design playbook, conceived by Baldiwala Associates. Retro metal pendant lights mirror the unfussy straight lines of the wall grid.

A modish bed, dressed in spotless white and navy, breaks away from the rustic theme, yet seamlessly juxtaposes itself against the ochre backdrop. A chest of drawers to the right pays equal tribute to the duality of the room, reflecting a glossy two-toned palette of chocolate and indigo.

Racheta Interiors Pvt Limited

5. Regal splendour
A classic gold-printed wallpaper makes a stunning design statement in this Mumbai cocoon by Racheta Interiors Pvt Limited. The old-world theme is extended by a stately wood-finish bed and warm candle-style wall sconces framing the dressing table. The dulled-down built-in wardrobe on the left completes the old-fangled effect.

6. Organic appeal
In this rustic Bengaluru shell by , of red-earth sun-washed bricks, reminiscent of those used in Indian vernacular architecture, form a kiln-like feature wall. As the wall sweeps to the right, a unique hollowed-out pattern emerges, making for an eye-popping display despite the monochrome.

Also, note how a band of high-gloss geometric tiles double-hat as a decorative accent and a headboard, giving the wall a modern mainstream twist.

These versatile homes showcase the uniqueness of exposed brick walls

Ricken Desai Photography

7. Tropical garden
Floral visions beckon in this dreamy idyllic escape in Hyderabad. A life-size wall print, featuring a palatial courtyard smothered in bougainvillea blossoms, forms an otherworldly backdrop to this intricate wooden bed. The well-chosen bed cover is a nod to the notes of vibrant pink, echoing the floral impression.

A double-door vintage armoire to the right looks like it could have been excavated from a long-ago Indian kingdom, while chain pendant lamps lend further to the historic impression.

Fulcrum Studio

8. Glamorous master suite
Ekaa, the largest penthouse in Bengaluru (spread across 15,000 square feet), designed by Fulcrum Studio, hosts this indulgent boudoir as part of its master suite. A sumptuous seating area layered with soft gold scatter pillows, in addition to slender mother-of-pearl-embellished pillars, whisper subtle luxury. To the right, a lapis jewel box, crowned by a magnificent chandelier, serves as a vantage point over the Garden City.

Fulcrum Studio

The Ekaa master suite leads into a soft-vanilla master bedroom, artistically pieced together in various tones, textures and finishes within the same colour palette. A selection of ceiling canopies give a whimsical floaty vibe to the room, striking a contrast with the anchored custom-cut platforms of the bed and seating area.

Ricken Desai Photography

9. Trad escape
With a richly carved frame that seems meant to support the canopy for a regal couch, this trad bed is a modern interpretation of heritage woodwork. The wood finish of the bed is complemented by other pieces in the room, like the fan and the collection of antique-style chests. A Victrola with a tarnished horn serves as a winning collector’s item, reinforcing the period theme.

Give your home a piece of the past with these time-served headboard designs

Prashant Bhat Photography

10. Royal canopy
With a four-way diaphanous canopy enveloping the towering bed, the regal aesthetic in this Mumbai bedroom is punctuated by character-filled contemporary emblems.

Prashant Bhat Photography

The bed chamber also houses an ensuite dressing room that mirrors the same design aesthetic.

The space carries an eclectic appeal, pairing florals with neutrals, employing diverse grains of wood and marrying sculptural and minimal accents.

11. Shades of summer
Coastal chic viewed through a minimalist lens is brought alive in this knocked-back Bengaluru bedroom by . The sea-blue canopy bed, turquoise rug and gauzy curtains paint a picture of blue skies and summer sunshine.


12. Nordic pulse
This Bengaluru bedroom by Design Cafe carries undertones of the Nordic aesthetic, but breaks out of the box by employing a more colourful palette. Ceiling beams fitted with recessed lighting offer texture and character to the muted space, while a cluster of pared-back monochrome accents enhance the design scheme.

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Urban Indian Decor: 12 Irresistible Bedrooms (2024)
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